Our Service


We at Nimrald Trading Pvt Ltd, offer a variety of printing services that are not only efficient but reliable too. Printing is one of the major tasks carried out in a large quantity in offices, schools and many other workplaces and we believe to make this job inexpensive while maintaining the quality of service and customer gratification.

Free Delivery : We offer a secure and free of cost delivery system that delivers the ordered products within 24 hours at your doorstep, no matter what part of the country you reside in!

On Time Delivery : Along with no cost restrictions, customers now have the advantage of receiving orders well in time to minimize any delays in their business dealings.


Expert Printer Advice : A lot of people who don’t have enough tech knowledge often mistaken in selecting the right printer for the type of work they deal with. For example, an inkjet printer is mainly used in workplaces where you have to print large number of documents every day in an affordable cost and if the documents require high quality you’ll definitely have to buy a laser printer! In such cases where you can’t rectify your needs, we are only a call away for genuine advices to your business solutions. Our trained and experienced staff members provide expert recommendations according to the type of work environment you are currently in. This helps you to minimize unnecessary printing costs and frustration of making wrong decisions.

Printer Repair & Service: We know at times machines can be uncooperative. In case if your printer stops working, you always have an option of repair under unlimited guarantee. The company also offers back-up printers in a very low cost to prevent any loss of work meanwhile your machine is being fixed.


Return Policy: Our products usually come from top brands and are specifically designed with high quality and defectives only up to 2%. All of them are well tested before receiving and after receiving through in house quality tests before they are launched into the market.However, if you still discover any type of defect or you are unhappy with our service, you will always have an option for an exchange or even a pay back!