SAVE ENVIROMENT now uses eco-friendly methods to help protect the environment. Every year millions of cartridges are discarded which only add up to the extra pile of waste that is present around us.

  • Ink & toner cartridges take between 500 to 1000 years for it to decompose if we put those in to landfill.
  • Each year more than 500 million cartridges are going away to landfill.
  • To manufacture a new laser toner cartridge it takes 3.5l of crude oil.


The most effective way to reduce cartridge impact on the environment is to lessenthe number of cartridge used per day. We can make a change by commencing these responsible practices:

  • Printing less often
  • Printing in economy mode
  • Use high yield cartridges (X or L versions)

Ex : HP 2612A toner can print 2,000 pages but if we switch to HP 2612X high yield, we can print 3,000 pages. It helps to reduce both number of manufacture & number of empty cartridges end up to the landfill & reduce per page cost.


When choosing as your printer consumable supplier, you partner with a business that takes environmental awareness very seriously. Join us in this eco-friendly ventureand help make a difference.